All the success Buckhead Business Consultants has had and will continue to have is due to our people. We take pride in putting our employees first. By providing an exciting company culture and ample advancement opportunities we have been able to breed an environment of success. Buckhead Business Consultants only promotes from within so if interested in a position contact our Office Director to see if you meet the requirements to apply.

Training at Buckhead Business Consultants

We do all of our training hands on and in-house to provide the best experience for new employees. Regardless of previous experience or industry, we make sure everyone is trained to represent our client with the highest success rate and the most confidence. Our goal is to develop a partnership with those in training with the intent to help individuals grow within our company.


Buckhead Business Consultants offers internships to current students and recent graduates looking for an opportunity to learn promotional marketing, sales techniques, and human resources.  Interns work closely with Office Directors and Business Account Consultants to learn the basic field and office duties. The internship is designed to prepare an individual for future work in the arena of sales, marketing, and human resources. Contact our Office Director to learn if internships are available.

Office Director

As an Office Director the majority of the duties deal with administrative and management functions. Responsibilities include overseeing staff, human resources, administration, interviewing, operations, client relations, campaign management, and much more.

Business Account Consultant

The Business Account Consultant position is one of the most versatile and exciting at Buckhead Business Consultants.  Each Business Account Consultant is paired with a specific campaign and is trained to meet the specific needs of our client. The Business Account Consultant is involved in focusing on gaining market share for our client through face to face consulting, sales, research, and much more. This position is used as a launch pad for every advanced position within the firm so upward mobility is a certainty for high performing Business Account Consultants.

Assistant Managing Partner

Sticking by what we preach, promotions only come from within the firm so an Assistant Managing Partner always begins their career as a Business Account Consultant first. This phase of our advancement track will teach multitasking, relationship building techniques, interviewing skills, leadership skills, managing campaigns, and how to effectively manage a sales team. As an Assistant Managing Partner, the opportunity also exists for advancement into mid-management and senior management levels with proven performance.

Managing Partner

Depending on the size of the market, Managers are responsible for 20 – 30 individuals, our client, and our market as we expand. Responsibilities include social media, public relations, territory management, team development, market production, training, client relations, recruitment, and day to day planning.